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Mission Statement
The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be to rescue, care for, and place in qualified homes the canine breed known as Keeshond or Keeshonden. Also other breeds of dog, or animal when no other rescue is available or willing to accept. It is the policy of this organization to provide humane care and treatment for all Keeshonden, dog or animal placed in our care; to seek suitable homes for Keeshonden, dog or animals, without owners; to euthanasia when necessary. The organization shall try to provide safe and healthy haven for these dogs or animals until loving adoptive homes can be found. Every Keeshonden, dog or animal will be brought up to date on shots, if needed; spayed or neutered, if not already done; all other medical procedures that present themselves before placing the dog in it's adoptive home, will be done; placed in foster care and temperament evaluated.

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