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Adoption Policies and Application

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Adoption Policies

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Keeshond Rescue wants to make adopting a Keeshond Rescue dog an enriching experience for the Potential Adopter, our rescued Keeshonden, and the Keeshond Rescue volunteers. Keeshond Rescue works very hard to get to know the Potential Adopters and their lifestyle so that we can offer them the best selection of Keeshond Rescue dogs we have available.

Adopting a Keeshond Rescue dog is not meant to be easy, however. Most people who adopt a rescue Keeshond from Keeshond Rescue not only understand, but they also appreciate all that we do to place our dogs in good, stable homes. Some people, though, have told us that we make adopting a rescue Keeshond too difficult or time consuming. Pet stores and back yard breeders (those breeder’s who advertise in the newspaper), make getting any kind of dog very easy. These dogs are generally an impulse buy. By taking our time and checking all references, Keeshond Rescue eliminates impulse buyers. Keeshond Rescue also maintains that if getting one of our Keeshonden is too easy, then the new owners may also find it too easy to decide that they no longer want the dog.

In accordance with Keeshond Rescue’s goal of matching our rescued Keeshonden with the right home and environment, we have set forth the following adoption policies:

I. Type of Home
A. All Potential Adopters must keep their dogs inside as house pets.

B. Potential Adopters must provide regular veterinary care — including yearly shots and medical examination — and maintain the dog on heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives.

C. Potential adopters must provide a loving, caring, nurturing home for the rescued Keeshond.

D. Potential adopters must submit a $50.00 non-refundable donation with their Adoption Application. Once approved for adoption, this $50.00 donation will be applied to their donation at the time of adoption.

II. Initial Handling of Adoption Application/ Request
A. Keeshond Rescue handles each adoption application individually, on a case-by-case basis. (We consider each adoption to be that dog’s forever home, meaning its home for the remainder of its life, so we work to find the right environment for the dog and the right dog for the environment.)

B. All approved adopters must come to meet the dog or dogs available to make sure that dog and adopter personalities mesh well. All members of the adopter’s household, including any & all dogs that adopters already own, must come.

C. Keeshond Rescue does not ship dogs sight unseen. However, on rare occasions, we will ship a special needs dog to a superbly qualified forever home.

D. Exceptions to these rules require a majority vote by entire the Board of Directors.

Turbo Kees Foundation, Adoption Policies III.
Processing Adoption Applications
A. Keeshond Rescue takes one to three weeks to process an adoption application.

B. Keeshond Rescue first checks all references. If the references are favorable, we schedule a home visit. All household members must be present during the home visit, no exceptions.

C. The Keeshond Rescue volunteer who conducts the home visit forwards the home visit and reference reports to the Adoption Coordinator.

D. The Adoption Coordinator or the Chairperson can approve or deny the application, as can a majority vote of the entire Board of Directors. (In the case of a denied application, Potential Adopters have the right to request that the Adoption Coordinator submit their application to the Board of Directors for further review. The Board’s decision is final in all cases.)

IV. Approved Applications
A. When an adoption application is approved, the Potential Adopter is allowed to view and select from all Keeshonden who are both available and appropriate for the Potential Adopter’s household and lifestyle.

B. Keeshond Rescue processes all applications on first come, first served basis. We cannot hold a dog or dogs upon receipt of an adoption application. Because space for new rescues is always at a premium, Keeshond Rescue must place all dogs as we can. The Board of Directors can make exceptions to this rule.

C. When Potential Adopters visit the foster home to meet the dog or dogs they are interested in adopting, the Foster Care person has the right to refuse the adoption if he or she feels that the adoption is not in the dog’s best interest. In that event, the Foster Care Person notifies the Adoption Coordinator, who reschedules a visitation and reviews the Foster Care person’s comments with the Potential Adopter.

D. At the time of adoption, all Adopters must sign an Adoption Agreement contract, and provide a minimum monetary donation of $350.00-$450.00 depending on the age of the dog; or as set by the Board of Directors.

V. Post Adoption
A. The Adoptive Family must telephone the Adoption Coordinator or the Foster Care Person two days after the date of the adoption, and again after one week, to let Keeshond Rescue know how things are going with their new family member.

B. Keeshond Rescue is available for questions, problems, or comments for as long as the Adoptive Family needs.

C. Keeshond Rescue reserves the right to do follow up visits at any time.

D. For the first 2-3 weeks after adoption the dog may have potty accidents, be depressed, withdrawn, stressed or calmer than “normal.” Rehoming is stressful for all dogs, each dog handles stress in their own way. Please report any problems ASAP.

Turbo Kees Foundation 8/2019

To start the adoption process of one of our wonderful Keeshound, Please click this link to fill out our adoption Application.

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