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Holistic Veterinary Medicine Dr. Debra Rykoff and John J Hanover a husband & wife team of alternative veterinarians! Dr. Rykoff at Ventur-On Farm Clinic in Barrington Hills, IL is Turbo Kees' own holistic Vet!

Health & Wellness Products (for our pets and People too!) 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils! Turbo Kees is a distributor, if you’re interested in buying or selling essential oils please contact us before you buy or sign up! Herbs, supplements from the Amazon Rain Forest! Turbo Kees is a distributor, if you’re interested in buying or selling essential oils please contact us before you buy or sign up! Master’s Miracle products, completely toxin free! Turbo Kees hopes to someday be a distributor, we use and highly recommend especially the Neutralizer.Dog Food/Nutrition Turbo Kees uses Holistic Select, Lamb & Rice Formula from Eagle Pack and we highly recommend it! They have a search to locate local retailers by state. If your state or area does not have a retailer for Eagle Pack, this is where you can order online. This is the best of best when it comes to holistic dog food in a Lamb & Rice formula! Higher in price than Eagle & worth every penny.

Pet supply online & catalog companies We order most of our products from this company and recommend them highly. This is the catalog for the Adjustable Check Choke Collar, the collar on all of our rescued Keeshonden! They have the best price on the collars, as well as on toys. Never Lost Pet  provides engraved Pet ID Tags - including Dog Tags and Cat Tags. We carry Pet ID Tags in variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colors. A site designed to give information on different types of dog breads and to find out witch type of dog is just right for you.

Microchip Identification Every Turbo Kees’ rescue dog have an Avid Microchip! Collars and tags come off, a Microchip can not. Pets with a Microchip have a way home if they’re lost, we use and recommend them highly!

Keeshond stuff This is the place for Turbo Kees own Shirts, Card, Posters, etc… By ordering Turbo Kees products from zazzle, you help support our rescue efforts and get a wonderful product! Keeshond.html Gorgeous Keeshond Artwork Lots of Keeshond stuff, but please remember our zazzle products help our rescue and are cuter than these! They do have stuff we don’t offer. The American Kennel Club has an online store, adorable Keeshond watches!

Dogs on the go: Dog parks & travel Locate a dog park near you! Find a hotel, motel or bed & breakfast that will allow your dog!

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